A Gap-Year Experience for Male Youth of Color

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What is Embolden?

Embolden will be a gap-year (bridge)  program offering high-potential male youth of color unique international experience, foreign language skills, internship/service opportunity, and academic support needed to improve their preparation for college and post-graduate endeavors. 

Why a Gap Year for boys of color?

Male youth of color struggle significantly to gain admission to and matriculate through college due to a host of unment needs and lagging skills. Research points to gap year programs as a noteworthy skill buildng opportunity - citing accerated maturity, stronger academic performance, global perspective and improved career opportunites, as just a few of the benefits. Drawing from and innovating on these existing gap year programs that remain elusive for American ethnic minorties, Embolden will be a carefully curated experience tailored to the needs of black and brown boys, that will ensure program alum enter college empowered to not only persist, but competitebly engage in their campus community, both acadmically and socially.

Percentage of Black and Hispanic American 25-to-29-Year-Olds With a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher, by Gender

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Read More from The Atlantic

Gap Year -at-a-Glance?

  • Individualized academic coaching in Reading Comprehension, Writing, & Mathematics for university credit-bearing coursework.

  • Leadership and Character Development

  • Language Acquisition

  • Community Service and/or internship opportunity

  • In-country cultural experiences

  • Mentorship

  • College counseling

July 2019 Pilot

We will be hosting a 30-day pilot of the gap year program in South America. If interested in participating, or supporting this effort please get in touch below!

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