International Education Fellow


Education Fellows Overview

Purpose: The purpose of the Education Fellows Program is to provide Kenyan teachers with fresh perspective on how to bring excitement and innovation into their classrooms despite limited resources, while simultaneously providing experienced US educators with leadership development and cultural competency training. 


Overview: The Education Fellows Program is designed to ensure that an education expert is present on all DT trips. The Fellow will create short teacher trainings to assist teachers in infusing their classroom with creative projects. The fellow will communicate with teachers and leaders at the partner school to ensure that the training is meaningful and relevant in the school context. The Fellow will work to move teacher practiceand gather valuable feedback to continue improving programming for future trips. The Fellow must also maintain a sense of humility as they will set the example for education fellows to come. Their purpose is to collaborate on, not impose, new ideas. **Fellows will be comped 1/2 of their program fee for the trip. They will be responsible for booking their own flights. 


Qualifications: The Education Fellow must have demonstrated teaching and leadership experience in the education sector and a commitment to exploring new innovative ways to improve classrooms abroad. The Fellow must have experience working in diverse communities, with some travel and abroad work experience highly recommended.


Responsibilities: The Fellow will be responsible for the following:

  1. Pre-trip preparation: The Fellow will be required to participate in two webinars, one on cultural competency and working in diverse communities and the other on the culture and education system specifically of the country they will be traveling to

  2. Teacher Development point person: On the trip, the Fellow will be in charge of overseeing that the educational work in the schools is relevant and effective. They will assist in organizing professional development and teacher training courses. 

  3. Feedback gathering and reflection: The Fellow may choose to be a part of collecting feedback from both travelers and community stakeholders upon completion of the project. The Fellow can use this feedback to collaborate with DT in designing future projects, as we value continued development and adjustment of our model.

Application Logistics: Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for this position, which currently exists for the Kenya program, using the Google Form linked below. In order to be considered, applicants must also apply and pay the registration fee for the Kenya trip as a traveler by the November 1th deadline. They will also be expected to pay the first program fee installment by December 15th. All decisions will be made by January 1st, at which point selected Fellows will be given a modified pay schedule based on the 50% comp incentive. Should an applicant NOT be selected, they are encouraged to still attend the trip and will continue with the pay schedule as noted.