Destination Teach doesn’t just go places. We DO things!

Destination Teach Fun Day


In June 2016, Destination Teach hosted it's first annual Fun Day at Arise N' Shine Academy! Students participated in face painting, apple bobbing, dancing, sundae assembly, and crafts! Parents joined in on the fun learning some classic American dance moves, and volunteers donated a wealth of student and teacher supplies.


The Progressive Teaching Program

In developing countries all over the world, schools are forced to work against the symptoms of poverty that have a severe impact on education quality. Aside from teacher and student absenteeism, which are perpetuated by factors such as hunger, child employment and low teacher salaries, teacher preparation serves as a barrier to delivering quality instruction. The Progressive Teaching Program, currently funded through volunteer program fees, seeks to address this issue by increasing salaries and offering full scholarships to teachers who demonstrate a commitment to our partner schools.

As of August 2016, Destination Teach began funding our first fellowship recipients (pictured below). 







Morocco Donations!

Beginning in 2017, Destination Teach has led annual trips to Morocco, where the team donates something to the school! Thus far, we have purchased books, classroom supplies, recess equipment and shoes... lots and lots of shoes!