What happens after I register?

Step 1: Registration

Step 2: Payment Plan set up

Step 3: Join Facebook group with your new trip mates!

Step 4: Continued contact with Destination Teach for assistance with flights/visas etc.

Step 5: Board Plane.

Step 6: Land in the Motherland.


How does the payment plan work?

Once you register, we will reach out to you regarding a payment plan. Generally. we split the fee into 3 to 4 payments, depending on the time of registration, and date of trip departure. Here is an example:

Registered on August 15th

Payment 1: September 15th - $250

Payment 2: January 15th-$250

Payment 3: March 15th-$250

Payment 4: May 15th- $200

What is my registration fee for?

The registration fee holds your spot on the trip and is applied to the total cost of your program fee.

Are flights included?


Where will I be staying?

Accommodations vary as you will be traveling throughout the country. You may stay at a hotel or bed and breakfast. All locations are secure.

Do I have to be a teacher?


How is my being money used?

For each country the allocations are different. However, in general, after covering the costs associated with your travel, the remaining funds are used to support teacher salaries and training in the host country.

How much of my time will be spent volunteering?

On the 8 day trips, you will spend about 2 days volunteering, and on the 14 day trip, you will spend about 5-6 days volunteering. These will not be full days of volunteering. In the afternoons you will have the opportunity to sightsee. 

Is my money refundable?

Program fees are currently non-refundable. Please be sure you can attend before you sign up!